Albion Amusements has a wide assortment of rides and concessions. They currently own over 20 rides and has been their goal to acquire at least one new ride per year.

A variety of Games to be played by all.

A variety of Rides for young and old.

Albion Amusements does not close until all areas are clean. Garbage is bagged and left for pickup. Keeping the midway clean at all times is one of our main priorities.



Parents should:

Know your child’s capabillies and limitations with regard to whether the ride is appropriate for your child.

Watch the ride in operation before entering to make sure your child can ride it safely.

Remind your child to stay seated, hold on to the safety bars and obey the ride operator’s instructions.

Designate an easily recognizable place to meet after the ride is over.

Supervise your child at all times.


  1. How much do the rides cost? Are they free?

    1. Hey Denise,

      Thanks for your comment. The tickets are $1.75 per ticket and 14 for $24.50. The rides will cost anything from 2-4 tickets per person. Hope this helps.

      Enjoy your fireworks weekend!

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