When : Thursday July 19th 2018 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM 

Where : Mount Forest Community Center 

Sign up as a competitor team with your friends, Co-workers, Family or you business!

Test out the ribs the competitors have prepared for you! 

Small $5                                               Large $10


Rib Dinner:

Bring the family and friends to enjoy the rib dinner!

*Rips with potato & Coleslaw $15*


For More Information Contact: 

Meat the Butcher                      Axy Leighl:  519-665-7440

Mount Forest Chiropractic    Pete Turner: 519-323-0022

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  1. Poorly organised. No mention of needing tickets. Stopped serving people at 7pm…said they were sold out.

    1. Hello Anisa,

      We’re sorry to hear it wasn’t everything you expected. This is their first year attempting something like this so there were some hiccups but non the less a good learning experience for the committee. We promise to make efforts to correct this for next year’s Ribfest!

      Enjoy your fireworks weekend,


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